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  • How Many Centimeters is an Inch – Inches to Centimeters(cm) Converter

    Inches to centimeters converter will display the conversion value in a fraction of seconds. Enter the inch value in the input field. As soon as the value is entered, the converted centimeter value is displayed.  Inches to Centimeters(cm) how many centimeters is an inch Inch = Centimeter Formula multiply the length value by 2.54 Convert … Read more

  • Raw string literal in C# – (“””)

    A raw string literal starts and ends with a minimum of three double quote (“) characters. this raw string literals were introduced in C# 11. A string literal is a sequence of characters enclosed in double quotes (“). To include a double quote character as part of the string, you can use an escape sequence, … Read more

  • C# string interpolation using $

    The string data type is widely used in C# and other programming languages. One of the useful features in C# is string interpolation, which was added by the Microsoft team and has proven to be a great addition to the language. String interpolation allows developers to embed expressions and variables directly into a string. String … Read more